Saturday, January 29, 2011

Kathy: Artistic Nurturer

When I look at the responses that Kathy gave me to the essential Women Artist Educator questions, "I'm a nurturer to the max!!" just jumps out at me. She defines herself as a wife, mother, sister and a daughter, a teacher and a learner, a neighbor and a friend. Kathy believes in people, cares for all things and has a really optimistic view of the world in general. She gave a great list of adjectives that she would use to describe herself: trusting, loyal, faith filled, sympathetic, optimistic, strong-willed, stubborn, impatient, slightly bossy!, naive, silly, enthusiastic, rebellious, and kind.

Kathy feels blessed by all of her titles, but does feel limited in the respect that she is stretched too thin. At times this makes her feel frustrated an unsatisfied, which is natural if you are attempting to put equal amounts of energy and enthusiasm into all of the things we must do as women. It is important to prioritize these roles.

As an educator, Kathy is comfortable in the classroom and values the opportunities that she has to share Art experiences with her students. She is passionate about teaching Art and the creative process. She believes in a safe and nurturing environment for her students, and shows them respect and gives them infinite encouragement.

As an artist, Kathy feels fortunate to be able to create. She has had incredible teachers who have imparted vast technical knowledge, as well as significant life experiences which provide artistic inspiration.

When asked what makes her a great woman, Kathy answers that a great woman is strong, intelligent, kind and generous. "She is someone that has a purpose and believes in herself. She is someone that gives of herself for the betterment of others. She is confident and compassionate. I'm not sure that I'm any of these things, but I am, at the very least, aspiring to be!"

Kathy sent me some beautiful photos of her family, children, and pets, and home. She shared with me that the Serenity Prayer was significant to her and was something that is incorporated into her portrait.