Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Concept

The title of my arts-based research project is Women Artist Educators: A Showcase of Individuality through Mixed-Media Femmage. Sounds complicated, but the concept is simple. We live in 2010 and there are so many things to worry about in your day to day life, but you don't often worry about yourself. Personally, I am mother, an artist, an art educator, a tattoo enthusiast and a self-proclaimed independent thinker. I really don't take the time to think about "me" very often. I think there are many women in similar situations that are talented, busy, and wonderful but don't often think about themselves. There are many women who are educators that don't take time for themselves to focus on their own art.

Through experimental collage and acrylic painting techniques, I will capture the unique qualities of several women artist educators in the realm of a portrait. This week I will experiment will acrylic gel medium transfer and interview some of my subjects/models.