Saturday, August 14, 2010

Culmination of Summer Work

These will be framed, and I won't say that they are finished yet. A frame can change the feel of a piece and I have big ideas for these frames. Lori, Carrie, and Leah (in respective order) have been wonderful inspiration for the beginning of this project and I am learning about myself by working with the pieces of their lives as Women Artist Educators.

Leah: The Process

Leah's piece began with some linear raised elements and patterned paper. Her piece, for me, is about a feeling of nature and strength. I worked on some gels of her personal artwork and a portrait gel that was b & w. I didn't paint behind this one so that the colors and patterns in the background could show through. I have some saved items to incorporate, including: stones, photographs, papers, fabrics, and magazine clippings. I have to decide which to add in their raw state and which I will make gel transfers from. The challenge on this piece is that I enjoy the overall feel of it as it is... so I have to carefully place additional material and framing.

Carrie: The Process

I began this piece with acrylic orange painting and sponging in the background.
I added some saved items that were donated by Carrie, some in their original state and some that had been altered.
I used gel transfers of some photos from around Carrie's home as well as a gel transfer image of her. some of these gels were b & w with acrylic painting behind them, others were color gel transfers.
Jellybeans have been added and coated with envirotex, the significance of the jellybeans will be understood by the subject. There are also some sewing needles "poking" in around the arm of the subject.
As a femmage, this piece includes photographs, saved items, made by/for a woman, and there is a nod to a typical female activity: sewing.