Thursday, July 15, 2010

Leah: Free Spirit

Leah was my first phone interview and we had an amazing conversation. Leah is also the first Woman Artist Educator that I have interviewed that is also a mother. From this interview, I have learned that Leah has an amazing sense of who she is. Not as an artist, or mom, or woman, but as a human being.

Leah has struggled with the definition of artist. Being an artist isn't something you do, but rather a way of thinking. She tells me that this realization occurred when she became a mother and it was an evolutionary process that took about two years. An artist is an artist even if he/she isn't actively making art. She has a similar view on the role of educator. Although Leah made the decision not to teach in a formal classroom, she is always teaching herself or others. As a counselor now, Leah sees herself as a personalized educator.

She is working hard to define herself. We are more than the roles we play. I am a mom, wife, provider, artist, homemaker... but I am freedom, joy, love, and spontanaeity. Leah is a free spirit.

I asked Leah what makes her a great educator, artist, woman, and mother. She was the first participant to answer without questioning her "greatness" in these roles. I interpret this as self-confidence and self-awareness on a different level.

Leah's level of consciousness makes her a great educator. She realizes teachable moments and shares her experiences from the heart, not from the ego. Being a great artist and a great educator are one in the same. You are great if you are creating through the heart. Leah is a great woman because of her balance of masculine and feminine energy. Feminine energy is strong, powerful, and seductive. Men and women are powerful in different ways.

Being a great mother is challenging. You take inspiration from the moms you admire and trust your intuition. A great mother has patience and gives unconditional love. It is important to consider that we do not own our children, we are facilitators of their growth.

See the video clip of my phone interview with Leah. She responds to the question, "Do you feel limited by any of your titles?"

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