Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Amanda: Funky Art Mom

Amanda is eccentric, and quirky, and fantastically artsy. She puts off a great positive energy, and believes that the way our characteristics and personality traits combine is what makes each of us unique. Amanda embraces her labels of daughter, mother, teacher, lover, student, friend, and artist, but confesses that being a "teacher" does limit her freedom of expression. In her eyes, subscribing to the stereotypical teacher characteristics, affords her the opportunity to teach a subject that she is passionate about.

Amanda's love of art and teaching...and again, her positivity, are what make her a successful educator. You cannot be a great educator if you do not have a love and passion for the subject matter and for the profession. She shares that being a great artist means something different to each artist and each viewer. In her words: "I believe that every artist has a bit of a God complex. We create. We take from what we are and we form a new thing. For me, I put myself into my art and send it out, hoping it is meaningful enough that the viewers are drawn to it. I want the viewers to form a relationship, to see a meaning. I don't care if it is the meaning I, myself, assigned to it. If it is strong enough to have meaning to a viewer, then it is alive. Alive as an artwork and I, in turn, have created that life. That, to me, is what makes a great artist and I hope I have achieved that, but it is really the viewer that is the judge."

With the right mindset, good energy, and dedication a woman/artist/educator can make tremendous accomplishments. Amanda illustrates this in her life, work, and art.

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