Saturday, April 2, 2011

Artist Statement

“Women Artist Educators” is a portrait series by way of experimental, contemporary “femmage.” Each piece combines a variety of media that can be tied to the lives of women, traditionally and non-traditionally. The materials used in this collection include: acrylic paint, acrylic gel medium, fabric, beads, foam core, cardboard, paper, photographs, glass, tissue, metal, and wood.

The theme of the display is gently feminist. The intention is to showcase and celebrate the uniqueness of women as artist educators, while overshadowing the typical feminine labels and titles that we all share. The media used reflects both traditional and contemporary feminine crafts with a modern twist in order to capture the subject.

Every material in each portrait has meaning, and many have been saved by myself or saved and donated by the woman artist educator. Photos illustrate relevant portions of life, and some materials were chosen because of their symbolic, feminine qualities. Significant or inspirational words, unique to the individual, flow through several of the portraits. Many of the portraits are subtly separated into layers using enviro-tex polymer, in order to echo the multiple layers of personality and wisdom that we all have as human beings.

I hope that each “Woman Artist Educator” views her portrait and connects to the subject matter, the colors, textures, layers, and unique energy that each piece gives off. I hope that all viewers will see each piece as independently beautiful, and also connected to one another on a subconscious level.

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